Welcome to my New Blog!

Over the years many people, both professional and non-professional, have asked my advise on a variety of subjects.  I feel I have a lot of experience and advice than many of you might be interested in, and might even benefit from, so I decided to start this blog.  I have been working in fine woodworking for over 40 years, utilizing my skills in woodworking, as well as glass arts, metal forging, woodcarving, and bronze sculpture.  You can see many of them in the gallery on my web site at   I will be writing about various topics, including furniture and door construction, woodcarving, finishes and finishing techniques, working in cold and hot glass and different metals, along with advice such as where to find the best woodcarving tools and how to tell if a piece of furniture is well made.   I will try to update this blog once a month, more often if I have the time.  I run a full-time woodworking shop, so my free time is limited.   I hope you enjoy reading my posts, because I am looking forward to writing them for you!  And I would love to hear from you about any topics you may find interesting for me to write about.     

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