David Frisk has been creating his art for over 40 years. Starting his business in 1968, he has grown over the years to be a world-renowned artist. His art resides all over the United States as well as in Japan, Moscow, and England.

Hand carving in heavy relief is David's specialty. He has revived the lost art of woodcarving. David uses only traditional joinery that has been used for hundreds of years. It is quite rare to find anyone who still uses these age-old techniques. He uses contemporary glues and finishes, and kiln-dried solid hardwoods that are ecologically responsible.  He also utilizes his skills in glass arts, metal arts, stone carving, iron forging, and bronze sculpture.

Most of his designs are inspired by nature, as he combines the practical (architecture) with the impractical (art). David's one-of-a-kind creations range from entryways to furniture to staircases for private homes as well as offices, restaurants, country clubs, and public works. Any style can be seen coming out of his studio: Neoclassic, English, Spanish, French, Italian, Contemporary, Oriental and Craftsman, to name only a few. David Frisk builds his entryways and furniture to last hundreds of years, furniture that will be handed down from generation to generation. When you purchase a piece from David, you are receiving a piece of architectural art.

David's artistic works have been commissioned by homeowners, businesses and contractors across the United States. Homes in San Diego and Los Angeles boast his unique hand-carved entryways. San Francisco and Seattle clients enjoy his unusual works of art glass. Chicago and New York City residents show off his multi-talented creations in hand-forged metal and bronze. Arizona's Tucson and Phoenix communities appreciate his contemporary and rustic themes, while homes in Hawaii love his nature and water scenarios. If you can imagine it, David Frisk can create it.


There is no greater gift to a home than a David Frisk creation. He is an incredibly talented, brilliant artist in wood, glass or metal - both in his design and execution. David's work is certain to be visible in countless museums in coming years. In addition, his passion and joy for his work is unique and contagious. It is an understatement to say that it is an absolute pleasure to work with him. Quite simply, David is undoubtedly one of the finest craftsman working today in this country.  Bonnie, Rancho Santa Fe, CA.

I truly search for things that can be built or designed just for the magnificent experience of working with David and seeing his masterpieces. He outdoes himself every time. Jim, Rancho Santa Fe, CA