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A Tropical Master Bath

Above:  Filigree hand carving of tropical leaf design on master bathroom entry door

This project stemmed from the homeowner's love of palms. He is fascinated by palms and has been collecting and planting them for years. I believe the property this home is located on has one of the largest collection of palms in San Diego.  Each palm has an identification marker, and lines the trails on his hilltop home. He is a contractor who has many interests besides palms, including hiking, playing the piano and the harp, and a keen interest in history. But palms are his main interest and much of the inside design of his home reflects that. I designed and built his front entryway, incorporating a tropical theme, and so when he asked me to design his master bathroom I planned to stay with the same tropical style. 

The master bathroom vanity is made of solid Granadillo, a beautiful wood that compares to Brazilian Rosewood. At the time, I had a great wood supplier who only bought permitted trees at a local saw mill in Mexico. To say this wood is beautiful is an understatement. It is also a very hard wood, requiring special joinery. 

I went with a contemporary design, keeping with the tropical details so as to fit with the surrounding property and my client's passion with his palms. The door going into the bathroom is very unique. It is made in solid Jatoba with a hand-carved filigree pattern of tropical leaves. The homeowners wanted some privacy but also air circulation, and I immediately thought of doing a filigreed panel. It was the perfect design, able to be viewed and enjoyed from the inside as well as the outside of the bathroom. The mirrors are also hand-carved, using the leaf pattern once again.

Getting away from the usual and standard home styles is something I really enjoy, and on this project I was able to use my creative imagination and abilities, along with my client's desires, to come up with something out of the ordinary, a master bathroom like no other. 



French Pear Bathroom, His and Hers


This home is in the Rancho Santa Fe/Fairbanks Ranch area. It is a Country Ranch Traditional style that the family wanted to change to have more of a Country French feeling. The first project was a French china cabinet in walnut that I designed and built. After delivering the china cabinet they loved it so much and asked if I would help design their master bedroom. 

For the master bathroom they wanted a "His and Hers" sink, a surround for the bathtub area and a linen cabinet. For the vanities I chose French pear, which comes from the French Alps, from old pear orchards that were dying and being taken out. It is beautiful wood; dense, live edge pieces of solid wood. I purchased plenty of slabs so everything was a match. With live-edge lumber it is difficult to determine the amount needed because the slabs vary so much in thickness and width, unlike conventional lumber where there isn't much variance. 

Each piece in the bathroom was designed with different details and finishes. The vanities, as I said, are pear wood, natural color with a light glaze to highlight the details. The tub surround is curly maple with a light aniline dye, distressed, with a hint of paint on the edges and glazed, with a hand-carved floral design. The linen cabinet is made of big-leaf maple, with a light aniline dye, a distressed, painted and crackle finish, with a hand-carved basket of wildflowers.

It's hard to explain the amount of pleasure I get in coming up with a design, finding the right materials, building, finishing, and installing the projects. It's difficult work but I really enjoy it. I feel very fortunate to work with so many really nice people, and these clients made me feel like a part of their family when I was there. 

Above: Tub Surround

Above:  Linen Closet


A Hand-carved 23k Gold-plated Master Bathroom

This master bathroom in Fairbanks Ranch/Rancho Santa Fe, CA, is a great example of the high-quality cabinetry we build. 

The standard for most built-in cabinet work, even in so-called high-end work, is medium density fiber board (MDF) interiors with solid wood (sometimes) face frame and doors applied to the MDF boxes. This is NOT what we do in my workshop. We build everything the same as you would build a fine piece of furniture. We use NO MDF anywhere! Everything inside and out is a high quality furniture piece. As I have said before, our work is designed and constructed to last lifetimes. The people we do work for understand and appreciate this difference.

The bathroom cabinets and toilet room doors are made of solid figured walnut, hand carved with 23k gold leaf and 23k plated hardware. We made the bathroom's large crown moulding in solid hardwood. The shower surround has a bronze jamb and casings. The exterior doors and screen doors are solid African mahogany with bronze screen and double-glazed dimmable glass (the glass turns from opaque to transparent by turning a switch. The photos below will show you that this is truly built-in furniture.


An Abundance of Nature Carved into an Arizona Bedroom and Bathroom

Above: Master Bathroom, Fountain Valley, AZ

I have spoken a number of times about working with my clients on a project and how fun it is for me and for them to be in collaboration throughout the entire project. My clients in Arizona were just that couple. They wanted everything in their home to have a special touch, so it was a perfect match for me to work with them. They were fabulous to work with, and had specific ideas on what they wanted, but were open-minded to my ideas as well. I started, as I always do, with scale concept drawings and together we made changes and revisions and came up with the perfect design ideas for their master bathroom and master bedroom furniture. 

I found some very high-quality cherry, enough to make all the cabinets, which I prefer to call furniture, because everything I make is well made and of heirloom-furniture quality. All my carvings are done by myself, by hand. My clients love nature, and as you can see in every piece nature is in abundance in this 18th to 19th century European style.

I have included many pictures below, and you also can see them, and more, in the New Work section on my website,

Above: Master Bathroom

Above: Master Bathroom

Above: Master Bathroom

Above: Master Bathroom, close up of hand carving.

Above: Close up of carving, master bathroom cabinet.

Above: Mirror in Master Bath close-up of hand carving.

Above: Master Bedroom, TV cabinet and linen closet 

Above: Linen closet, master bedroom

Above: Close up of carving, linen closet master bedroom





Neo-Classic Styled Medicine Cabinet

This medicine cabinet is made out of solid figured Mozambique with ebony detailing. I hand carved it in the neoclassic style. I found a single piece of heavily-figured wood which turned this medicine cabinet into a little gem of a piece. It looks like a well-maintained antique. And the inside is just as beautiful as the outside. I wish I had taken more pictures.

The woman who commissioned me to design and make this medicine cabinet for one of her powder rooms also had me making most of the built-in cabinetry, doors, and architectural details in the house, which included her kitchen, bathrooms, front entry door, and numerous other doors in the home. On all these projects my hand carving was utilized, and every room's projects boasted a different highly-figured wood. It was a magnificent home and a fun one to work on.